Dienne, Addio

OP067, Vinyl/Digital, Other People, August 26th 2022

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Dienne’s Addio is a 32 minute study on loss and mourning. Following the death of her grandmother due to covid, and unable to say a proper goodbye due to travel restrictions, Dienne set out to give her Addio through musical form. She lets objects fall, leaves windows open, and lets the wind dust off the shelves. This is the sound of everyday mourning, a taste instead of an event. A lingering, broken and patient work of undeniable beauty.

Dienne is a Belgian composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. She builds songs and soundscapes portraying images and stories that play behind her eyes. Starting with the oboe as a child, before adding the piano and flute to her repertoire, she later produced soundtracks for theater and dance performances. Her debut Addio will be released on August 26th on Other People.

Written, arranged & mixed by Dienne Bogaerts

Additional Mixing & Arrangement by Sander Stuer
Mastering by Gert Van Hoof
Artwork by Africanus Okokon and Maziyar Pahlevan

all rights reserved
(P) & (C) 2022 Other People

the musical contents may not be published, broadcast, or redistributed in whole or part without express written permission

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