Electric Water
Self-released / Interstellar
November 4th, 2022

A friendly greeting is not extremely far from hell, hello, says Casanora, waves and laughs, “Hell_o”, a first dip, a few first hesitant steps on deck, a murmur and crackle catches in the sails, and then we leave the safe harbour: the bass kicks in. “Electric Water” is the name of the new EP by Bernese artist Casanora, and what is that: swimming or flying, floating or falling, looking at the sky or drifting?

“Electric Water” is about losing gravity, diving and living underwater, being hunted by shadows and bones; the state of calm before the storm. It is this twisted feeling between comfort and restlessness. You’re floating in between. Imagine you’ve been thrown into a dimension where you’ve never been before: adapt, adjust and wait until you find your way back home. Meanwhile you start to dance with creatures in electric water. The third EP by Casanora is inspired by Shadow & Bones, Blade Runner 2049 and Ghost in the Shell, but traces its own path into surreal territories.

Casanora is a sound designer and multimedia artist, from Bern, Switzerland with Italian roots. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Sound Arts and a Master’s degree in Contemporary Arts Practice; in 2020 she won the Demotape Clinic Award at the M4Music Festival in Zurich, and in 2021 she received an award from the Musikförderung Bern for her track “No Surprise”. With “Electric Water” she has fantasised this whimsical, self-confident electronic music in mischievous complicity with her computer, moving somnambulistically safely, captain of the barge, from one place to another: between club and parlour, ship’s belly and upper deck, hesitation and decision. When the fog rolls in, Casanora’s quiet joy is apparent; when the storm comes, it’s probably thanks to her.

It gurgles, chirps, blazes, echoes and breathes in English and Italian, to which creatures appear, figures and shapes dance: where and on which planet are we actually here? Casanora’s musical work is unthinkable without an image; for every track on “Electric Water”, a little world of its own flashes into view. Sometimes pastel soft, sometimes shiny metallic, sound and image spin on a common space. Casanora plays with these darkly coloured virtual landscapes, which add another layer to her music, complementing here, contrasting there. It’s like that live, too: a bit like being allowed to sink into the wild imagination of a good witch.

Written and produced by Nora Riggenberg
All rights reserved – ℗ & © Casanora  2022


All rights reserved.
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