A collaboration between AnnaMelina & Varg
Impatience 7″

FLORA1 – June 8th, 2018

AnnaMelina and Varg together form a new collaboration, FLORA.

AnnaMelina a Swedish singer/producer, known for her dreamy vocals and electronics. Varg, who co-runs the Swedish label Northern Electronics, and also releases on the Danish Posh Isolation imprint; is also from Stockholm where they met and formed a creative alliance. Their collaboration began with a track on Varg’s album Gore Tex City, part of his 2017/8 opus, the Nordic Flora Series. The track ‘Blue Line (112 Rådhuset)’ melts AnnaMelina’s ethereal vocals with Varg’s off-kilter drum patterns that are trademark to his sound.

This track led to time in Gotland and Stockholm where the pair found that their collaboration was ripe to develop into a project – and FLORA was born. They performed together on the mainstage of Berlin Atonal and recently released a new track on the Posh Isolation compilation, I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You. Now they deliver their first single, Impatience.

With their first full breath, FLORA present a package of digital and analogue goods that revolve around their exquisite song ‘Impatience.’ The title gives away just one side of the story being told: the diagnostics of love trampled by missteps and lapsed desires, and the strength needed to find an exit. Put simply, it’s about moving on.

Impatience never wades through the hurt. It soars from its earliest moments, reflecting on a landscape left behind a thousand yards below. Breezing over the fierce punch of the rhythm, you’d be wrong to think the lyrics are making a plea. No, the confessions grant access to something else: freedom. The accompanying track, ‘Vallmo,’ gives us some time to think, and a time to make peace.

Impatience comes as a limited 7″ from FLORA, along with a digital release. Standing apart from labels for now, the artists have elected to channel their efforts into developing their own platform and momentum. The video for ‘Impatience’ chronicles the change and exploration in a snapshot. And for all the earnest emotion on show, you can feel the low life in a high-rise charm at the edge of it all, and it’s this that makes the video so stunning.

Restless discovery charges FLORA’s world, and Impatience unveils its first aspect.

All tracks written and produced by AnnaMelina and Varg
Cat. No. FLORA1 – all rights reserved
Artwork by FLORA
Mastering by Neel at EnissLab, Rome.
Ⓟ & © FLORA 2018


All rights reserved. The musical contents may not be published, broadcast, or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission.


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