The Transcendence Orchestra
Modern Methods For Ancient Rituals
EMEGO 246 – December 15th, 2017

The title of the debut lp from The Transcendence Orchestra outlines the modus operandi of this pairing of Anthony Child and Daniel Bean. Recorded in a remote English rural setting over a period of 24 hours this is an apt location for a recording that eschews time and space in favour of methodological displacement and deep psychological navigation. 

Modern Methods For Ancient Rituals is an experiment in acoustic and synthetic symbiosis which is deeply influenced by the atmosphere and acoustics of the rural location of Cats Abbey resulting in a set of recordings which can aid to the transformation of consciousness. Deploying a range of ancient and modern instruments and effects including Buchla Music Easel, harmonium, shruti box, bass guitar, hurdy gurdy, Electro Harmonix 45000, Strymon Blue Sky and Roland RE 101 Space Echo among others,  Child and Bean conjure an audio experience which encapsulates elements of drone, trance, pulse, rhythm and melody subtly shifting all into a psychologically penetrating experience beyond the aesthetic and into the comforting unknown.
The Transcendence Orchestra (Anthony Child & Daniel Bean) Biography 
Though perhaps best known for his dancefloor orientated work as Surgeon, transcendence and experimentation have been a constant presence in Anthony Child’s work from the very beginning of his prodigious trajectory through production and performance. Notable recent forays away from the kick drum and towards the secret domains of the mind include his two volumes of Electronic Recordings From Maui Jungle, also released by Editions Mego. The Transcendence Orchestra sees Child combing synthesis with a panoply of esoteric acoustic instruments, disregarding pre-conceived ideas about what constitutes techno.

Daniel Bean first met Anthony Child over a decade ago as part of the collective behind the Bleep43 parties in London, at which Surgeon was a regular performer. As well as being fellow enthusiasts of arcane music, their shared fondness for drones naturally resulted in a project dedicated to exploring the effect of tone and improvisation on consciousness. His ability to wrangle sounds from a diverse array of instruments via technology both old and new was pivotal in producing the thick, multi-layered sound of this album.



Written and recorded at Cats Abbey in November 2016 by Anthony Child and Daniel Bean.
Anthony and Daniel played the Buchla Music Easel, harmonium, shruti box, bass guitar, hurdy gurdy, symphonie, glockenspiel, hand bell, Electro Harmonix 45000, Strymon Blue Sky, Strymon DIG, and Roland RE 101 Space Echo.
Artwork by Ali Wade
Rear cover image by Cathrin Queins

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